Bioterrorism Resources - Chemical and Biological Terrorism

Review of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation -- Letter Report #5
Committee on Smallpox Vaccination Program Implementation, 2003.

Aerobiological Engineering
"Aerobiological Engineering is the art and science of designing buildings and systems for the control of airborne pathogens and reduction of respiratory infections in indoor environments, including commercial buildings, hospitals, and residences. Aerobiology is the study of microorganisms in the air which may be detrimental to human health. Included among these organisms are viruses, bacteria and fungi."
College of Engineering, Penn State

American Red Cross - Homeland Security Advisory System
"Recommendations for Individuals, Families, Neighborhoods, Schools, and Business."

Plant Pathology Online
American Phytopathological Society

Epidemiologic Information on Bioterrorism
"This site provides educational information on potential biological weapons, considered in an epidemiologic and public health context. It is maintained by Professor Ralph R. Frerichs of the UCLA School of Public Health and is intended for noncommercial use by students, health professionals and the general population."

Henry Stimson Center - Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project
"In addition to the utility of international treaties as threat control and reduction mechanisms, the project's research reports have also addressed topics including weapons destruction technologies, the utility of export controls, terrorism involving chemical and biological weapons, and the status of chemical and biological weapons programs in various countries."

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies

JURIST - Terrorism Law and Policy
Sections include: Terrorism and Terrorists ; Counterterrorism Policy ; U.S. Anti-terrorism Laws ; World Anti-terrorism Laws ; Civil Liberties ; Bioterrorism: Legal Issues ; Commentary ; Bibliography.
Directed by Bernard J. Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

St. Louis University School of Public Health - Center for the Study of Bioterrorism & Emerging Infections
Sections include: Quick References ; Internet Resources ; News ; Education & Training ; Bibliography ; Research ; Case Studies ; Emergency.

University of Minnesota Academic Health Center - Center for Infectious Disease Research And Policy (CIDRAP)
Sections include: Bioterrorism: General Bioterrorism Info ; Anthrax ; Botulism ; Plague ; Smallpox ; Tularemia ; VHF. Food Safety: General Information ; Biosecurity ; Irradiation ; Foodborne Disease.

US Government Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Online Degree Information

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