California Coast University

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Introduction to California Coast University

California Coast University was established in 1973, as California State College of Santa Ana. The name was changed in 1981, but was approved by the State of California in 1974 as a teaching institution.

California Coast University offers students the chance to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree through correspondence study and distance learning in several technical programs, including business, healthcare, technology and education.

Student Life at California Coast University

Rather than learn in the traditional classroom setting, California Coast is for students who cannot make the commitment to study in a brick and mortar university. Whether due to geographic, professional or personal commitments, California Coast University affords students the chance to complete a degree through distance learning. Classrooms, research and testing are all performed off-campus.

FAQs on California Coast University

Is California Coast University Accredited?

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation nationally accredit California Coast University. DETC accreditation currently allows California Coast University to award master's degrees.

What Are Some California Coast University Requirements?

To apply to California Coast University, prospective students must include a completed application, a detailed resume that explains past and current occupational experience and a nonrefundable application fee. Students must also include transcripts from previously completed college of university work. Undergraduate applicants should complete a request form for elective credit based on specialized training and attach certified training copies to the application.

Can I Receive Financial Aid From California Coast University?

The cost of tuition at California Coast University is per unit of credit, with no additional fees. Students can make monthly payments, while some may receive employer's reimbursement for tuition expenses. California Coast University uses Sallie Mae to help provide financing for students in need.

What Career Possibilities Are There Through California Coast University?

The goal of California Coast University is to provide students the chance to earn degrees that will further their careers. Associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees and master's degrees are all available at the university. Undergraduate and graduate programs include business administration, management, psychology, education, healthcare administration and criminal justice.