Discovering the Ancients with Classical Degrees

Classical studies is a field related to history and ancient civilizations. Online degrees in classical studies encompass a broad range of topics, including art, literature, philosophy, politics and architecture. Students learn how past civilizations approached each topic and how we can learn from and apply these tactics in the modern world.

Classical Studies Degree Information

Students who have an interest in any area of the classics, be it history, art, literature or architecture, may wish to pursue an undergraduate associate's or bachelor's degree in classical studies to further balance their liberal arts education. Those interested in teaching or research relating to the classics will need to pursue a more advanced degree. In some cases, a post-baccalaureate program can be an effective bridge between a bachelor's degree in classical studies and a master's degree or doctorate.

Study Options

Classical studies students can earn an associate's degree in two years or a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies in four. Both degrees are achievable at a traditional college or university or online in an accredited distance learning program. Students who already have the Bachelor of Arts can pursue a post-baccalaureate program in classical studies or move directly to a Master of Arts in Classical Studies or even a classics Ph.D.

Advanced Degrees

Master's degrees and doctoral degrees in classical studies build upon what the student has learned in his undergraduate institution and prepares him to teach classical studies to others and to do more in-depth research on his own. Students will hone their comprehension of ancient Greek and Latin and learn to use their language skills as an aid to more critically examine classical studies texts as they relate to specific areas of ancient Greek and Roman culture.

Master Of Arts

Students who achieve the Master of Arts in Classical Studies will have a comprehensive understanding of ancient Greek and Roman culture. They will be fluent enough to read the most important classical texts in their native languages and be able to analyze them critically and discuss them with peers in the field.

Further Education

Students who go on to receive a doctoral degree in classical studies will be acknowledged experts in the field, if not the overarching discipline of classical studies, then the particular subset: art, literature, etc., that they choose to focus on. Their research into the classics should provide new areas for discussion and analysis of some aspects of Greco-Roman culture.

Choosing A Degree

High school students who excelled in the humanities and the arts will often do very well in classical studies. Classical studies embody the core conception of the liberal arts education, and students who earn a bachelor's degree in classical studies will find themselves with a well-rounded education that enables them to pursue a career not only in classics-specific areas, but also in fields as diverse as law, medicine, history, linguistics, philosophy and others.

Career Opportunities

Students with degrees in classical studies can go on to become doctors, lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists, linguists, historians and political scientists. Those who obtain a doctorate in a specific area of classical studies may choose to teach their discipline at a college or university and produce books and articles with new and intriguing analysis of classical subjects.

Earning Potential

Due to the wide range of potential careers for classical studies majors, it is difficult to accurately describe the earning potential of any given classics major. However, median earnings for university professors are in the neighborhood of $50,000 a year and some can make over $100,000 depending upon the specific position and experience.

Getting Your Classical Studies Degree Online

Students can earn associate degrees as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in classical studies in a few years through accredited distance learning programs online. Accredited online universities provide degrees just as valid as a degree from a traditional university, and these degrees can be used to pursue higher education at a traditional college or university, to earn a more advanced online degree or to get a job as soon as possible in the field of classical studies. Continuing education students who had to put aside their interest in classical studies and delay their pursuit of more coursework and a degree in this area can now resume their studies.

A top online classical studies program gives students the best of both worlds: the convenience of being able to control their own schedule and meet their current work or family obligations combined with the ability to get a comprehensive classical studies education suitable for obtaining work in the field after graduation.

Getting Your Classical Studies Degree Offline

There are many top classical studies programs available at traditional colleges and universities all over the country. Students may wish to consider the specific areas of classical studies that interest them the most, as some college programs may be stronger in languages, while others may have a better curriculum with regards to Greek and Roman architecture, for example. Students at brick-and-mortar classical studies programs should take advantage of their physical location to meet with professors and fellow students whenever possible and to take advantage of any course-based field trips that may be offered. A bachelorís degree in classical studies at a traditional university usually takes about four years to complete. The masters may be achieved in two or three, and the doctorate will usually be dependent upon how long it takes to complete the dissertation.

Classical Studies Degree FAQ

What Types of Classical Studies Jobs Are Available?

Understanding and embracing other cultures and philosophies is a favorable skill that allows graduates of an online classical studies degree to pursue numerous career paths. Potential career paths include sociologists, researchers, archeologists and educators.

Individuals earning a doctoral degree in classical studies often go on to become professors at universities and colleges. Classical studies also features a large amount of debate, which makes the degree a good option for political scientists.

What Topics of Study Are Taught in an Online Classical Studies Program?

At the core of classical studies curriculum is the study of past cultures and how they evolved over time. Students are immersed in civilizations, such as Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Topics discussed include literature, religion, geography, government, the arts and sociology. Degree completion often requires students to draw connections between past civilizations and the modern world.

What Skills Are Necessary to Succeed in Classical Studies?

Individuals who excelled and enjoyed humanities topics in high school will likely find great enjoyment in pursuing an online classical studies degree. Academic topics like language studies and history also figure heavily into a successful career in classical studies. In general, students with a strong interest in cultural diversity, modern traditions, philosophy and societal trends will likely excel in a program.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Classical Studies Degree Online?

Earning a classical studies degree online often provides the added flexibility and convenience for working adults to continue their education. Most online degrees can be pursued without disrupting work and family obligations.

With the completion of an online classical studies degree, students will have honed critical thinking and problem solving skills. They will also be able to apply past culture successes and failures to today's modern society.

What Are Some Expected Classical Studies Career Salaries?

Graduates of a classical studies distance program go on to enter a broad range of career fields. Due to the diversity of potential career paths, expected salaries vary greatly.

However, classical studies college professors earn approximately $50,000 annually. It is common for experienced professors and other classical studies graduates to earn more than $100,000 a year.

Types of Online Classical Studies Degrees

Students can earn a classical studies degree online in all major levels of academia. An associate's in classical Studies can be earned in two years. A Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies typically takes four years to complete. Students at the graduate level can earn both a Ph.D. and Master of Arts in Classical Studies online.

Classical Studies Student Guide

Classical studies, or simply classics, is the study of the culture of the ancient Greek and Roman world. The Greeks and Romans have been accepted as the forefathers of modern Western civilization, and it is by studying their literature, language, history and architecture that we can better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

Classical Studies Books

A classical studies degree will require books on all aspects of the classical world, from books on Greco-Roman art, to plays by men like Sophocles and Euripides, to philosophy texts such as the works of Socrates and Aristotle. These books and many others like them are available at any university library and online at college websites and book sites like

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